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"Reform, achievement, future reading, flying dream" collection of reading works in the first library of Xicheng District

CATE:Activities DATE:2018-06-06 READ:821

    To celebrate reform and opening up 40th anniversary,Helping the building of a powerful socialist country,Create a happy and festive cultural atmosphere,The first library of Xicheng District is to be carried out“The dream of reform and the dream of the future reading and releasing”2018Xicheng District recitation competition and collection activities。Now for readers to collect and read American literary works。


Reform achievements in the future Dream of reading and releasing

Two、Collection of works

1.Around the theme of reform and opening up 40th anniversary,Original literary works。The work of a work is suitable for reading.,And must be original。The content of the article must be positive、Comply with national laws and regulations,Non limit of genre,The number of words is not limited。

2.The deadline for the submission of the work is2018year7month1day,Please send the electronic version to the mailbox:sq3687@163.com

3.Please fill in the delivery form(Append)

4.Hire an expert in the original work submitted,Selection“Original American Literary Award”10piece,An entry Award,The award-winning works will be submitted to the capital library to participate in the final。

Three、Contact information

Contacts:Teacher Zhou、Teacher Zou

Contact information:66562035

Xicheng District first library


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Notifications of collection of reading works in the first library of Xicheng District.doc

Original writing list of American literary works.doc

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