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Enrolment notes for children and children's etiquette and story competition

CATE:Activities DATE:2018-06-11 READ:688

One、Activity theme

Love books and ritual,Reading and courtesy,Educated,Be polite and polite to children

Two、Activity arrangement

1.Registration and first trial:

In the form of individual narrative。6month24A few days ago,The video that will be recorded(MP4ormpgFormatted video files)Uniformly submit to the first library of Xicheng District, borrow two copies of the designated mailbox.:xcdlwj@163.com。The title of the mail is marked with the children's etiquette competition+Name of the contestant。The text of the mail is full of the names of the participants、Age、The name of the work、Telephone(Be sure to keep unblocked),The video of the competition is embodied in the form of attachments。Self adjustment of mail and video size,So as not to affect sending。Failure to send mail as required is considered invalid.。Whether the registration is successful or not,If you have received a reply to confirm the mail,。


Notify the finalists of the competition by telephone.。time:7month15day(Sunday)morning9:30;place:Two floor collective audio-visual room of the first library of Xicheng District。The final scene is suitable for the music、Prop、picture、A variety of stage performance methods such as video,Enhance the performance of the story,The atmosphere of the story。

Three、Activity requirements


6—12Young children

2.Work requirements

(1)content:The theme of the etiquette of Chinese civilization,Demanding positive and healthy content,Have a certain spirit of innovation and educational significance。It can be a traditional Chinese etiquette story,It can also be a civilized etiquette story around.。To happen to the family、School、A new work created or adapted for material.,Consideration may be given appropriate consideration in the evaluation。

(2)Length of work:5Within minutes。

Four、Special description

The organizer has the right to edit and use the entries in various forms without compensation.,And publicize and publicize all kinds of publicity media and platforms.。No individual or group can use his works for commercial operation.。

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