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Rice dumplings love the Dragon Boat Festival in the West

CATE:Activities DATE:2018-06-15 READ:611

To carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation,Enriching the cultural life of the disabled,6month14day,The Dragon Boat Festival is about to come,The reading room of the visually impaired in the first library of Xicheng District、The disabled cultural and Sports Center invited the national intangible cultural heritage project.——The representative inheritor of the craftsmanship of the hardwood furniture、《Mortise and mortise》The author of a book is a teacher of GUI you,Jointly carried out“Flirting with Zongxiang——Dragon Boat cultural knowledge lecture hall”,This is also the event2018One of the third Xicheng District disabled cultural and arts festivals。


Day of activity,The teacher of Guangxi told the reader about the mortise and tenon。As the preface to the book:“Mortise and tenon is the soul of Chinese traditional woodwork。Between a mortise and a mortise,A turn of ninety percent off,A concavity of the cleverly,A mystery of yin and Yang,Condense the essence of Chinese traditional culture for thousands of years,Precipitating the complex inheritance of the craftsman spirit in the flow of time,Refraction of the mechanics of the work of working ancestors、Mathematics、Aesthetic and philosophical wisdom。”The teacher not only introduced the origin of the mortise and tenon for the reader、purpose,We also demonstrate several common mortise and mortise types with the model.。For everyone who is familiar with Lu Bansuo,The teacher was also brought to the scene for the reader to experience,A seemingly simple six column,It is infinitely wonderful,Miss the point,It's hard to complete the combination,The teacher was instructing one by one.,It suggests that people need to be carefully observed when they are assembled.,Think seriously,Analysis of its internal structure,Luban lock is also beneficial to the development of the brain、A flexible toy with a flexible finger。


After the end of the lecture,Readers also enjoyed the display of traditional culture and clothing.,And say,Teach by a teacher,While moving to the spirit of the craftsman,And learning traditional knowledge、Feel the traditional culture,This is a meaningful Dragon Boat Festival in the library.。

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