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Xi Yi to hold a keynote speech on the relationship between culture and tourism.

CATE:Lectures DATE:2018-06-21 READ:559

This year3month,The first session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress deliberated and adopted the motion of the State Council's institutional reform plan.,The establishment of the Ministry of culture and tourism in People's Republic of China,How to integrate and develop better culture and Tourism,To enhance and highlight our cultural confidence is a hot topic in the near future.。6month20day,The first library of Xicheng District invites foreign counsellors of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Ministry of culture.,Now, Che Zhaohe, the research expert of the national cultural exchange research base, is a teacher.,Bring it to you“On the relationship between culture and Tourism”Subject lecture。


In the lecture,Teacher Che Zhaohe described culture and tourism as four kinds of relationships.。The first is“Twin brothers”relationship。The car teacher passes a few stories,This relationship is further explained to you.,as:The Indian ancestors migrated to the American continent through the Bering Strait and formed Indian culture.;Abraham relocated to Egypt and Canaan,The culture of Jews and Arabs;Aryan migrated from the Central Asian steppe to Europe and South Asia subcontinent,The formation of European civilization and India civilization and so on。The second is“soul”and“carrier”Relationship。He talked about Pyramid in Egypt、The Taj Mahal in India and the the Great Wall in China,Through the introduction of these magnificent historic buildings,It is clarified that culture is the soul of tourism development,Tourism is a close relationship between the development of culture and the development of tourism.。The third is“Read tens of thousands of books”and“travel thousands of miles”Relationship。In this part,The car teacher focused on Xu Xiake、The cultural journey of Yu Qiuyu and other celebrities,Through their travel footprints,Further explain the relationship between culture and Tourism。The fourth is“Poetry and far away”Relationship。The car teacher described Li Bai in detail、Fan Zhong Yan、The works of Shu Ting and other poets,Through the analysis and introduction of the works,Make the relationship between culture and tourism more stereoscopic、distinct,To make it easier for the audience to understand。


The vivid language spoken by the car teacher makes the atmosphere of the lecture scene very relaxing.,When it comes to familiar cultural celebrities or poems,,The audience will interact with the car teacher involuntarily.。What the car teacher brings to you is not only a collection of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign languages.、Poetry and poetry、Cultural seminars of cultural relics and monuments in one,It is a vivid cultural lesson。This lecture has led us to have a deeper understanding and understanding of culture.,The understanding of cultural and tourist relationships resonates。

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