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Uganda, the Pearl of Africa: the "diplomats take you to see the world" series of Uganda

CATE:Lectures DATE:2018-06-22 READ:563

6month21day,Xicheng District first library2018year“The diplomat takes you to the world”Lecture series fifth,Former ambassador to Nepal and Uganda, Sun Heping, ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary,Introduce to the audience Uganda, known as the Pearl of Africa.。


Ambassador Sun Heping2007He was sent to Uganda as an ambassador in the year,He told the basic profile of Uganda.、A modern brief history、The evolution of the political system,And the economy、Culture、Development of Tourism。Uganda is located in the eastern plateau of Africa,Landlocked countries,The southeast is the world second、The first great lake in Africa——Vitoria Lake。If you haven't been to Uganda,Then you'll find it poor and backward there,In fact, the vegetation in Uganda is flourishing,Beautiful scenery,The climate is pleasant,The four seasons are like spring,It's very suitable for human habitation,The climate of the tropical Steppe,Annual mean temperature22℃About,Mild climate、Plentiful rainfall。The social structure of Uganda is basically a clan、Tribes,Go through70The British colonial rule of the year,Culture is deeply influenced by Christianity,But the values of the people are different from the West,Simple folk style,have a warm heart。1962The establishment of diplomatic relations with Ukraine during the middle of the year,Since the establishment of diplomatic relations,The two countries have maintained friendly relations,Incumbent president Museveni has a special attachment to China.,Under the leadership of President Museveni,The friendly and cooperative relations between China and Uganda have been fully and healthily developed in various fields.。Through the introduction of ambassador sun,Readers are full of longing for travel to Uganda。


This lecture,Ambassador Sun Heping gave it to my Museum《President Mousset Vinnie and Uganda》A Book,Collection for our museum collection,It can make more readers understand the Pearl of Africa——Uganda。

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