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Looking for the beautiful landforms in China's volcanic area

CATE:Lectures DATE:2018-06-25 READ:533

6month23day,The first library of Xicheng District held a series of lectures.《Looking for the beautiful landforms in China's volcanic area》,Liu Qiang, director of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.,Director Liu has been working on the paleoclimate records of lake sediments for many years.,2000He received a PhD degree in Quaternary Geology in the year.。


A volcano is a common form of geomorphology,Accumulation of underground molten matter and its solid debris after its surface burst.。Volcano“Active volcano”、“Dead volcano”and“Dormant volcano”Three kinds,It is an incandescent window,An explosive force,A variety of substances can be ejected from the eruption。Dr. Liu Qiang first introduced to the audience the distribution of volcanic regions in the world.、Volcanic features in different regions、The type of volcanic eruption and the basic theoretical knowledge of volcanic lava formation from a scientific point of view.。subsequently,Dr. Liu focused his lectures on the introduction of Chinese volcanoes.,“Is there any volcano in China?Whether there is a living volcano?……”With these questions,Dr. Liu said:“The volcanoes in China are mainly distributed in Changbai Mountain、Tengchong、Wudalianchi、And Longgang and other volcanic areas,The volcanic areas that we are not very concerned about have beautiful forest landscapes.、Natural volcanic landforms and lake wetlands,Each scene has its own characteristics,The natural landscape formed by volcanic lava is integrated with nature.,The scenery is magnificent and beautiful。”Combine explanation,Dr. Liu showed his readers the volcano pictures he recorded when he went out for investigation.,The illustrations and illustrations enable us to observe and think scientifically.,And a better appreciation of the full volcano。


The lecture inspired everyone's interest in learning and exploring volcanoes.,A good combination of travel and science knowledge,Make travel a process of learning and growth。

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