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From south to north, three strings

CATE:Lectures DATE:2018-06-25 READ:602

6month23day,The first library of Xicheng District held a question for everyone.《From south to north, three strings》A lecture,The lecturer is Professor Zhao Chengwei of China Conservatory of Music,Professor Zhao is a famous three string performer in China、educator、CCTV“CCTVNational instrumental music Grand Prix” Competition judges、Professor of National Music Department of China Conservatory of Music、Master's tutor、Distinguished professor, Department of music, School of art and media, Beijing Normal University,Written and published《Three string tutorials》,Also co authored and published with Professor Xiao Jiansheng, a three string artist.《Anthology of three string music》etc.。

The lecture is made by the eight person ensemble《Happy news》Start,Under the wonderful accompaniment of the three strings,Professor Zhao briefly introduced the historical development of the three strings.。The three strings are Chinese traditional national plucked instruments,Subject to different regions、The influence of ethnic and cultural customs,The three strings can be roughly classified as big、Two small species,It can not only Solo and participate in the national band ensemble,More for the accompaniment of rap and opera,Beijing Opera and Kunqu Opera、Shaoxing opera、Cantonese Opera and other local opera, Pingtan and other rap music are indispensable.。subsequently,Professor Zhao chose the solo《Harmony》、《Plum blossom rhyme》、《Song Of Mulberry Field Of Qin》、《A trip to the desert》、《Dance fantasy》And the ensemble《Agitation》,Introduce the style of the music to the readers、The evolutionary process and the emotional story to be expressed。meanwhile,His students played with these distinctive features separately.。Last,Professor Zhao shared with the readers《The flavour of Coptis chinensis is difficult to distinguish》(Beijing opera《Azalea Mountain》Selections )Playing video,And play three strings for everyone.《Eighteen plate》,Push the lecture to a climax。The lecture ended in a cheering of the readers。

After the end of the lecture,The readers' enthusiasm for the three strings is still not diminished.,Professor Zhao,Put forward related questions,More for ethnic music lovers on the spot said that Professor Zhao should be a teacher.,Learning the skills of the three strings。Today, the opening and communication of national music culture is becoming more and more diversified.,The library carries out a lecture on the culture of the three strings,The national music culture of our country has been inherited、Development、The role of promotion。

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