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Forty years, the world is full of glory. Xiyi map holds the theme of "reform and opening up 40th anniversary".

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2018The year coincides with the reform and opening up40anniversary。this40Years,The strength of the country is soft and hard,Little to the details of personal life,Great changes have taken place.。7month1day,“Party's birthday”At the time of arrival,Xicheng District first library newspapers and periodicals reading room special“Reform and Opening-up40anniversary”Thematic periodical Exhibition。

This periodical exhibition will be exhibited《Xinmin Weekly》、《Weekly journal of the people's Forum》、《Financial state weekly》、《Oriental outlook》、《China News Weekly》、《Life Week》Political journals of the same time and current affairs,At eight•During the first army day,The library's newspaper reading room will also be on display《modern armament》、《Ordnance Industry Science Technology》、《World military》Military journals,Readers can choose and read by themselves。The library hopes to use different reports of different periodicals.,From the economy、Culture、People's livelihood and other aspects focus on the great changes in society and life.,To commemorate the reform and opening up40anniversary。

The first library in Xicheng District will be in the spirit of the timeliness,A spirit of heavy content,Select the latest publications for the readers,Guide the reader to the latest news,Meeting the readers' reading needs,Create a positive atmosphere for knowledge for the readers。The periodical exhibition will be8month31The end of the day。

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