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After the celebrities in Xi Yi picture, my grandfather Zheng Zhenduo and his father Sam Kong.

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6month30day,The first library of Xicheng District has been held“A series of celebrities talk to celebrities”The first34Talk about it“My grandfather, Zheng Zhenduo、Father Sarah”,The lecture is invited to the vice president of the Chinese photography press、Zheng Zhenduo's granddaughter、Sarah SSA emptied the girl's flag to the Museum,It tells readers the vivid stories of their important periods in the development of new China.。


Zheng Zhenduo,Born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang,Changle, Fujian。Outstanding patriots and activists in modern China、writer、Poet、Scholar、literary critic、Historian of literature、translator、Historian of Art,And also a famous collector,Exegesis。

Sarah,The pen name is、AI autumn,Inner Mongolia Zhao Wuda League, Party members of the Communist Party of China,Chinese journalists,Editor in chief of newspapers and periodicals,Journalists。Good at art theory。first、The representative of the two National People's Congress,Members of the second National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference,Third to sixth CPPCC Standing Committee members。

In his lecture, Sarah said many of the elders moved in every critical historical period after the founding of new China.、A moving story。The political morality of the fathers、Cultural accomplishment、The way one gets along with people、Little things in life,It all made her unforgettable。From these words and words,Sac flag has learned what patriotism is,That is for the progress of the motherland,Can give everything。They were the times,The epitome of progressive intellectuals,It embodies the fine traditions of the great Chinese people,Whether the parents are alive or not,This fine tradition will not die from the passage of time.,It's passed down by the descendants.,To make our country more harmonious and better。


Chinese traditional culture has a long history,It has been a history of more than five thousand years so far。 “A series of celebrities talk to celebrities”From a family perspective,An unseen historical material、Unique way、The strong family affection tells the ancestors and the times they lived in.,Inheriting and carrying forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation,The aim is to publicize the precious spiritual character of the Chinese nation,The lofty value pursuit of the Chinese people,The values of firm confidence in the culture of the Chinese nation。

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