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The Party branch of Xi Yi to carry out the theme of "knowledge of the red wall consciousness" and "party spirit" in carrying out the nineteen spirit o

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In order to study and implement the nineteen spirit of the party in depth,Learning to understand the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech,Solid promotion“Remain true to our original aspiration,Keep the mission firmly in mind”Theme education,To further understand the knowledge of the Communist Party of China,Revolutionary theory and great practice。Party branch of Xicheng District first library welcomes party building at 7197On the occasion of the anniversary,The organization has carried out“Carrying out the nineteen spirit of the party,Practice the consciousness of the red wall”Party Day activities on the theme of knowledge competition。The purpose is to strengthen the learning consciousness of the party members,overall situation,Responsibility for responsibility,Improving the cohesiveness of the party members、Combat power,Building a learning party branch,Enhancing the self-consciousness of integrity and self-discipline of the party members,Promoting the implementation and implementation of the party's style of construction,Build“Study the history of the party,The style of the party,See action”A good atmosphere。

6month28Day and day,All the party members and comrades who wrote the party's application form unify their attire.,Spirited,Make up the team according to the drawing order。In the necessary answer link,The answer is very smooth.,A successful answer to all the questions,And all the answers are right,We can see that the review is very full.。In the process of robbing and answering questions,Everyone is prepared for it,Full answer。Final,The first representative team210A high score wins a good win。

This event shows a wide range of participation、Prepare fully、Several characteristics of the effect。There were party members and comrades who wrote applications for the competition.,A wide range of participation。Early stage of activity,The branch has done a lot of preparation.,Planning scheme,Determine the subject,Selection question bank。Organize concentrated study with the Party group as a unit,And the independent study of the party members,In the form of a game,Raise the party members、Enthusiasm for the participation of activists。Through a knowledge contest,The majority of the party members have deepened their understanding of the party,Strengthen the consciousness of the red wall,The conviction of communism,Use the learned knowledge flexibly in the work,Give full play to the role of Communist Party members,Carrying out the responsibilities and missions of Communist Party members in practical action,Not forgetting the Communists' initial heart。meanwhile,Through the theme party day activities, we also fully demonstrated the elegant demeanor of the comrades in the West map.。

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