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"The most beautiful book" program of the German Book Book Exhibition

CATE:Activities DATE:2018-07-08 READ:523

The book art foundation, based in Frankfurt and Leipzig, has been1966The book industry in Germany has been closely related to the German book industry。The goal of the award is to improve the quality of books in two aspects: technology and art.。The first task of the foundation is to hold the foundation“Most beautiful German books”Competition。stay2017The most beautiful book of the year,Book Art Foundation14The judges have been judged by many times and60An hour's discussion,From the selected727In this book,Choose the most beautiful and creative one of the year25book“Most beautiful German books”。this25This book is in design、Both the scheme and the binding are exemplary,Shows a wide range of possibilities in design and production.。this25book“Most beautiful German books”Whether it is a colorful album of paintings、Novel、A thin tour guide or a picture book,You can see wonderful book designs in various categories and genres.。The award-winning books are the best combination of design and content,To achieve the best overall effect。 

In order to make readers see the style of award-winning books and works.,The German language center of the first library of Xicheng District is planned in7month13day——7month27An exhibition of award-winning works between the Japanese and the readers。Hope to be held through the book fair,Let more readers pay attention to the content of books,And the design of all kinds of German books、Binding、Color matching has a more intuitive appreciation and a deeper understanding.。

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