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Telling the metrical knowledge of poetry to popularize the Chinese traditional culture

CATE:Lectures DATE:2018-07-08 READ:547

7month5day、6day,The first library of Xicheng District invited the president of the red candle poetry club in Xicheng city for two consecutive days.、Lin Shaochen, a member of the Chinese society of poetry and poetry, to the Museum,A thorough explanation of the reader“Basic knowledge of poetry”,The activity attracts many lovers of poetry to listen to。

In the lecture,Lin Shaochen introduced the basic knowledge and common vocabulary of metrical poetry.,The three elements of the rhythm and the law of the sentence:rhyme、Level and oblique tones、A detailed explanation is given on how to fight and how to use them.,Combined with an example,An analysis is made on the oblique tones and the rules of Antithesis in ancient poetry.。The lecture scene also took the form of speaking and practicing.,Guide the reader,Let us quickly grasp the basic knowledge and methods of poetry.,For a deep appreciation、The foundation of learning and writing Metrical Poetry,The readers have benefited a lot.。

After the end of the lecture,Many readers asked Professor Lin for advice on the spot.,Teacher Lin also gave guidance,This lecture not only tells you the basic knowledge of metrical patterns.,And it also provides learning for poetry lovers.、Appreciate、A platform for communication,It has a positive effect on popularizing Chinese traditional poetry culture knowledge.。

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