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The art of arranging flower arrangement with readers

CATE:Lectures DATE:2018-07-08 READ:602

7month7day,Xicheng District first library, China Rui sustainable development information center invited Beijing University of Agriculture associate professor Hou Fangmei to launch.“Engagement Art”Subject lecture。

Flower arranging is one of the oldest traditional art forms in China.。Chinese flower arrangement belongs to the Oriental flower arrangement art category,China is the origin of the art of Oriental flower arrangement。The Chinese flower arranging art originated in the pre Qin Period,There was a rudiment of flower arrangement in the Han Dynasty,The period of Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties is the flourishing period of the development of Chinese flower arranging art.。

In the lecture,Mr. Hou mainly from the concept of flower arranging、category、Origin and development、Artistic features、Interplanting technique、How to appreciate the art of flower arrangement and make a comprehensive interpretation of flower arrangement art.,Combined with the demo3A traditional Chinese flower arrangement,Let us be more intuitive to understand and feel the characteristics of traditional Chinese flower arrangement and related interpolation techniques.。In the explanation,Hou also introduced the concept of environmental protection in flower arranging briefly.,For example, the leftover potato chips in life、Fruit basket.、Moon cake boxes can be used as creative containers for flower arranging.。This lecture is warmly welcomed by the broad masses of readers,The lecture is on the scene.,After the lecture, readers expressed hope that they would have the opportunity to participate in similar activities.。The staff also live a live broadcast of the lecture scene.,Chinese traditional flower arranging Art、The idea of environmental protection in flower arrangement is passed on to more readers.。


Combine this lecture with the lecture,The Information Center for sustainable development in West China7month3Solstice7month14day,Holding a related exhibition at a green science post station on the library.,The contents of the exhibition are flower books and flower works。


The first sustainable development information centre of Xicheng District first library is Sweden.LIFECooperation projects of the international ecological foundation,Providing reader service in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development。Xicheng District first library as a popular science education base and Beijing environmental education base,Will continue to hold a lecture、Popular science activities and related exhibitions,Theme surrounding water conservation、Air pollution、Bio-diversity、Refuse classification、Radiation problems and health、Conserve energy,reduce emissions、The reutilization of waste materials and other aspects。

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