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Knocking on the door to Germany -- Xiyi map holds a study tour in Germany

CATE:Activities DATE:2018-07-08 READ:588

7month7day,The first library of Xicheng District has been held“Learning in Germany”German study tour,The activity was invitedDAADThe German Academic Exchange Center explained to readers how to knock the door open.。Activities attract close attention90Human participation。


Germany,It is one of the most popular countries in the world.。A high level of Education、Rich and diverse schools and majors、A high degree of internationally recognized diplomas and high cost performance,Germany has become an important reason for attracting many overseas students.。Now it's more than34000The Chinese students study in Germany,And this data has been on the rise。The graduation rate of Chinese student groups is also higher than that of all German universities.。

Activity,DAADThe review department with the staff of the country(APS)、University of Bavaria Union、Siegen、Teachers at the University of Jena and Goethe college introduced the general situation of higher education in Germany to all the readers interested in studying in Germany, as well as the comprehensive study and visa information for Chinese students.。


After the end of the activity,The training teachers have also made detailed answers to readers' questions.。The readers have said,The activity organized by the library allows everyone to go to Germany to study abroad.、choose a school、Get accommodation、There is a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of funds and other aspects.,For the readers of the program for studying in Germany,Very practical and timely。

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