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A lecture on children's English knowledge is held in the west one

CATE:Lectures DATE:2018-07-09 READ:594

7month8day,The first library of Xicheng District invites Mo Jialin, associate professor of Renmin University, to come to the library.,Explain to the reader“Grasp the key period of language learning,The leap of bilingual growth”Lecture on subject English knowledge。

Professor Mo as a master's tutor、Visiting scholar of Boston University、Director of the Chinese Cognitive Linguistics Research Society、Cambridge Business English qualification test oral interviewer,Have a deep understanding of English、Rich teaching experience。In the lecture,Professor Mo introduced a brand-new parent-child English learning method for readers.,This paper analyzes three measurement indexes of foreign language proficiency and two ways of brain information processing.,And school education、The characteristics of training institutions and parents and children,And parent-child English covered learning、Learning methods, etc.。At the end of the lecture,Professor Mo around“Dumb English、Where is the crux of oral English?”“What conditions are met,Parents can teach their children English?”“How to create family bilingual learning environment with fragment time?”“How to cultivate children's English reading from childhood、Writing level?”And other issues were discussed with parents and rationalization proposals were given.。

Everyone was attracted by Professor Mo's explanation,Listen carefully and take notes。Professor Mo brings new ideas for readers to learn English.,Bring new inspiration to everyone,Avoid children's learning in English,Let parents have more flexibility in guiding their children.,The lecture was well received by everyone.。

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