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Reform, achievement, future reading, flying dream -- 40th anniversary reading contest of Xicheng District first library reform and opening up

CATE:News DATE:2018-07-11 READ:733

To celebrate reform and opening up 40th anniversary,Helping the building of a powerful socialist country,The great achievements of the reform and opening up,Inherit the splendid Chinese。2018year“Reform achievements in the future Dream of reading and releasing”The reading competition of the first library of Xicheng District7month10Day opening,Reciting the changes in people's cultural life through reading and American Essays,Show the people's yearning for a good life,Eulogize the course of China's development and progress。


This recitation competition centers on reform and opening up 40th anniversary,with“progress”、“Harvest”、“Development”、“innovate”、“To open up”To read the key words for reading,The general library of the first library in Xicheng District、10There are extensive publicity and collection of works in district level branches and surrounding communities.。Activities are enthusiastically participated by the general public and enthusiasts.,Collection of original entries16piece,Yes17The competition of a famous player in a personal group,Yes42A contest between a famous player and a group,The winner of the game will be selected to take part in2018year“Read Beijing”Citywide reading competition,And the opportunity to participate in the Beijing TV show。

This competition specially invited the professional judges,There's a famous soprano singer, Wu Shuang、Sun Jie, the host of Beijing TV station,And Yi Nan, director of broadcasting Department of Beijing modern conservatory of music.。Under their professional comments,The contestants are full of spirit,An upsurge of enthusiasm,Adept skill,Participate in full preparation,The quality of the recited works is high、Good effect、Moving people。An experienced recital member participating in the competition.,There are also ordinary people who love the art of reciting;An elderly volunteer who is still at the age of sixty or seventy.,There are also young students in their 20s.,They have a great momentum.、Affectionate、A unique recitation,With music and short video,Telling the true story of the reform and opening up with personal experience,Recite the dream with deep love,Conveys his own voice with a sound sound。


The competition has also collected many excellent works of American Literature,These original works are closely linked to the theme of the reform,Grasp the pulse of the times,Express deep feelings in words,Deduce brilliance with passion,It fully shows the appeal and expressive power of recitation art.。Through the reading contest,Everyone is playing out the level,Play out the style,Deeply understand and feel the great changes brought about by reform and opening up for people's lives.。The continuous improvement of the living standards of the people、Fundamental improvement of infrastructure construction、The international influence of the country is increasing、All the changes in the level of science and technology are all obvious to all.,Forty years of reform and opening up,Surge high and sweep forward,As written in the original work:Quadragesimo Anno,Chinese people are on the ground,Work steadily,Spread out a beautiful blueprint,Build a bridge on the right side of the mountain。Quadragesimo Anno,Chinese people don't forget their first heart,Overcoming many hardships and dangers,Make the dream of Huaxia become a reality!

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