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Reference Room

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Reference Reading Room is located in the middle of the second floor of the library.,Collect reference books of various tools5239species7259Yu Shu,Periodical115species。Include:bibliography、Indexes、abstract、Dictionaries、Dictionary、Yearbooks、manual、Complete works of、Encyclopedia。There are also collections.《Encyclopedia of China》、《Yongle grand ceremony》、《Complete Library of Four Branches of Books》、《Chronicle of Great Historical Events in China》、《Emperor of China》、《China Yearbook》、《The Great View of Sanxi Fatang's Scrolls》、《General History of Chinese Folklore》、《Beijing Encyclopedia》、《The Great Code of Administrative Regions in China》And other books retrieval tools and《Chinese Academic Journals》、《Copying of Newspapers and Periodicals of Renmin University of China》、《People's daily》、《National Newspaper Index》CD-ROM Information and Politics、Philosophy、Sociology class、Literature、Library Science Periodicals115species。Reading seats:16individual。

Opening in our room、Half-open reading。It also has a reader search terminal.。Provide convenient and fast inquiry service for readers to study and read。

In order to provide readers with a relatively comfortable environment,The reading room has a row of recreational couches by the window.,Reliable sitting,Random reading。

Reference Library Books are mainly Reference Tool Books,It is a concentrated reflection of the quality of library collection in Xicheng District。To provide readers with reference services,Can be tailored to the needs of the reader,Provide some advice and guidance,Help readers find the books they need,Provide relevant information,You can also decide on a topic.、service after selling goods for a stated period。According to the contents of the collection、Purchasing Method and Reader's Special Needs,Focus on Reader's Reading、Research Provision Services,Its purpose is to give full play to the advantages of library's literary resources.,Activating Document Information Resources,Turn it into productivity faster,Promoting Scientific and Technological Progress and Social Development。At the same time, strengthen the links between libraries and all walks of life,Improving Service Benefits,establish“Information Service Characteristic Reader Group”。Through this characteristic service group,Tamping Service Consciousness,Establishing Service Brand。Carry out guided reading and book review activities;Planning various types of public welfare lectures, etc.。

Opening Hours:Tuesday-----Thursday   morning:9:00-----Afternoon:5:00

          Friday-----Saturday   morning:9:00-----Afternoon:5:30

          Sunday、Monday rest

Contact number:66561158--202

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