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Reading Room for Visually Impaired People

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The Visually Impaired Reading Room of Xicheng District Library in Beijing is one of the national sustainable development experimental demonstration projects.,2002year5month18Daily completion and formal opening to the outside world。

The reading room for the visually impaired has abundant Braille books and audio books.,Including Chinese and Foreign Literature、English、Medical Science、Psychology and other books,As well as the free publications《Bosom friend》。

The reading room is also available for readers.2Computer with Braille Conversion Software and Braille Text Documents。One of them is equipped with speakers for the blind.、Headset,And install Sunshine Voice SoftwareV3.5edition,So that the blind can pass through hearing、Simple operation of computer by means of software。Another computer is in theDOSMore than 100 electronic journals have been installed under the program.,Blind people can inquire through touch-point display。The reading room also has a high-definition multi-functional video aids.,Focusing with Super Touch Button、Focal length adjustment、Enlarge font、After reducing font size,Books and manuscripts can be automatically focused to enlarge the original text to3reach99times,Low vision readers can read documents on large screen displays。Blind engraving machine is also necessary for reading room,When inserting Braille Paper,You can print out the text.。

The Reading Room for Visually Impaired People Since Its Opening to the Society,Free for Visually Impaired Readers“Sunshine Voice Software Training Course”,Blind people after training,It can realize Braille reading or voice reading in electronic version of books.。Let more blind people learn to use computers,Enjoy the fun of surfing the Internet。

Opening Hours:Tuesday to Thursday morning9:00-night8:30

     Friday、Saturday、Sunday morning9:00-Afternoon5:30

     Closed on Monday

Contact number:66561158or66561159turn103

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