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West one map Sharing Project: "collection of Beijing" series of activities successfully concluded

CATE:SharingActivities DATE:2018-09-16 READ:1627

9month13day,Sharing project held by Xicheng District first library“Beijing”A series of thematic activities on digital resources are held in the library of Xinjiekou,Activity collection exhibition、Train、Thematic films are shown in one.,Attracted many community readers to participate.。

Activity begins,Readers are guided by the guidance of the first library staff in Xicheng District.,Visit“Beijing”Digital resource Exhibition。subsequently,The staff introduced the readers.“Beijing”Background and contents of digital resources construction,And emphasized the explanation.“Beijing”Viewing method of digital resources、Steps and related matters needing attention,The scene was demonstrated.。For some readers who can not use computers to play video effectively.,The staff also explained the basic knowledge of computer operation for you.,Including the use of the mouse.、Browser application、Network connection and other contents。After the training is over,The readers watched the feature film together.——Looking for the footbridge of Flyover(upper、lower),Old photos of flyover Market、Oral history of experts and the elderly,It shows the changes in the past 100 years.。

Xinjiekou Street Fu Sui Jing library is“Beijing”The last stop of the series activity community tour.,thus,Xicheng District first library“Beijing”Successful completion of shared project activities。henceforth,The library will continue to organize rich activities.,Spread Chinese excellent traditional culture,Let more people know about Beijing,Understanding traditional culture,Promoting the inheritance and development of traditional culture。

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