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Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons (2

CATE:NewMovies DATE:2018-09-19 READ:2477

Westward journey prevailed over evils Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons(2013)

director:Stephen Chow Guo Zi Jian    Screenwriter:Stephen Chow Guo Zi Jian

110Minute - adventure/comedy/Fantasy - 2013year2month10China released in Japan

National Area:China

Distribution company:Huayi Huayi Brothers Media Corp

More titles:Legend of the demons Big talk in the West

Plot:The movie tells the story of Tang San Zang's hard learning Buddhism and the magic of the first trial.,He met the water monster.(Sand monk)、Pig *(Zhu Bajie)And the monkey demon(Sun WuKong),And a fairy tale with Miss demon girl.。《Westward travel•Demon passage》It's about a world of demons.,The people are miserable.。Xuan Zang, the young exorcise“Let me out,Become a big man”Dauntless spirit,Go through hardships and dangers,* take the pig goblin and Sun Wukong, the king of the devil.,And use“Great love”Influence them,And Xuan Zang himself finally realized.“Great love”The true meaning。To save the world from fire and water,To redeem their sins,The apprentice and four people set foot on the westbound route to take the road without hesitation.。

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