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Take you around the library in your pocket

CATE:SharingActivities DATE:2018-12-27 READ:1408

With the development of mobile intelligent terminal technology,Digital mobile reading is also becoming simpler and simpler、convenient,To help readers operate digital intelligent terminal platform skillfully,Making full use of digital resources,12month26day,The first center of Xicheng District of Sharing Project was held in the second-floor multimedia network center of the first library of Xicheng District.“Digital Reading Experience Week——Take you around the library in your pocket”Thematic activities。

This activity is aimed at middle-aged and elderly readers.,In activity,Library staff first introduced the method of using mobile phone to pay attention to Wechat Public Number of the First Library of Xicheng District and the digital resources that can be accessed by the Public Number.。subsequently,Professional lecturers of Beijing Hefei Innovation and Founder Science and Technology,Introduced to readers“QQRead”“Wechat Library”Access methods and usage skills,On-site led everyone to carry out the practical operation.,Help readers to quickly familiarize themselves with and master the use of intelligent terminal devices to read e-books and e-newspapers。

After the event,An aunt's happy expression:“It was a great event.,Mobile phones are mostly packed in pockets to receive calls.,That's what you said.,Not only can I learn with Wechat,You can also read e-books.,It enriches the way for our old readers to acquire knowledge.,I really think of our hearts.!”

The First Center of Xicheng District of Sharing Project


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