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Reading Traditional Culture and Inheriting Chinese Classics

CATE:SharingActivities DATE:2019-01-03 READ:1379

12Month is the National Reading Month,The first center of Xicheng District of Sharing Project was jointly launched by Tsinghua Tongfang“Reading Traditional Culture Inheritance of Chinese Classics”Series activities,The aim is to propagate and carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture.。

Wechat Public Number of the First Library of Xicheng District as the activity position,Launched during the Reading Month“Traditional Culture in Clothing and Clothing”“Traditional Culture on the Tip of Tongue”“Traditional Architecture Beautiful to the Skeleton”“Unforgettable Traditional Etiquette Culture”etc.4Subthematic push,Introduce interesting traditional cultural knowledge to readers,At the same time to provide readers“Traditional Culture Knowledge Database”Probation,Let Readers Learn,Learn more about Chinese traditional culture。12The last week of the month was launched in conjunction with a series of activities.“Reading Traditional Culture Inheritance of Chinese Classics”Online Award-winning Answering Activities,Enhancing Readers'Participation Enthusiasm,Expanding the impact of activities。

After the event,The library drew from the participants in the activity.15A Lucky Reader,A Prize for Fine Literary Creation,Encourage readers'enthusiasm for learning traditional culture,In the near future“Spring Festival”Period,The first center of Xicheng District of Sharing Project will continue to launch special activities on traditional culture.,Adding Bricks and Tiles to the Inheritance of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture。

The First Center of Xicheng District of Sharing Project


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