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Local Literature Reading Room

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The local literature reading room is located in the middle of the second floor of the library.,Collect all kinds of local documents in Xicheng District1468species1977book。Including books、serials、archives、Physical and other information。as:《Beijing Encyclopedia-Xicheng volume》、《Chronicle of Xicheng District, Beijing》、《Alley spring and Autumn》、《Remembrance of Xicheng》、《Selection and compilation of ten-year research papers in Xicheng District》、《Study on the Near and Medium-term Economic Development of Xicheng District of Beijing》、《Geographical List of Xicheng District, Beijing》etc.。

We have set up a special collection room for local documents.,To Highlight the Characteristics of Library Local Documents,Implementing Open-shelf Reading。Readers are free to browse,Answer Reader Consultation。Providing readers with books and periodicals,At the same time, a bibliographic summary of local literature in Xicheng District is provided.,Public Search Home Page for Readers'Retrieval、query。

In order to provide readers with a relatively comfortable environment,The reading room has a row of recreational couches by the window.,Reliable sitting,Random reading。

Opening Hours:Tuesday-----Thursday   morning:9:00-----Afternoon:5:00

          Friday-----Saturday   morning:9:00-----Afternoon:5:30

          Sunday、Monday rest

Contact number:66561158--202

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