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Music reference room

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Music reference room,It is one of the characteristic service rooms in our library.。Our service principle is,Popularization and Improvement of Readers'Musical Accomplishment and Quality。On the Basis of Making Full Use of Collection Resources,Providing Professional Services for Readers,Organize colorful Reader Activities。at present,We have music members in our room.120Yu Ren,Document retrieval、information consultation、Knowledge lecture、Research Group、Chorus activities、music appreciation、Literary and artistic performances and other ways to provide personalized services for readers,Achieve universal knowledge、Transmit information、Raise level、Training quality、The Objectives and Purposes of Cultivating Sentiments。Provide for the readers and music enthusiasts、Build learning、practice、Communication、Enhanced environment and atmosphere。

The music reference room has a collection of music books.800Yu Shu、Magazine50Remaining species、CD、VCDCD data3000Remaining species,And equipped with audio-visual equipment。Richer literature resources provide readers with reading、Audiovisual material。Advanced professional music equipment,For example, digital piano、Accordion、Computer music production equipment provides necessary support for reader activities.。in short,In the Music Reference Room,Readers can not only experience the joy of music themselves.,You can also learn more professional music knowledge.。It enriches the readers'cultural life.,Make them master the basic music skills,Accordingly, the reader group's comprehensive accomplishment can be improved and improved.。

Opening Hours:Tuesday to Thursday morning9:00-Afternoon5:00

     Friday、Saturday morning9:00-Afternoon5:30

Contact number:66561158/59-204

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