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Ancient Books Reading Room

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This room is located on the east side of the second floor of the library.。Keep good books of ancient books、Thread-bound Books More than 2300 Books。

1996Construction of Xidan Bank of China Building,Near underground22Seven years ago, sandstone layers of ancient rivers in Mizu were unearthed.、Ivory of Knowledger's Guling ivory 80,000 years ago,That little molar,It is now in the reading room of ancient books.。

In addition, there is a Buddhist Sutra recited by Ji Xiaolan found in the monastery of Ming Dynasty in the reading room of ancient books.――According to the authentic works of Liu Yong, a calligrapher of the Qing Dynasty。

Ancient Books Reading Room for Readers with Intermediate Titles or above,Closed shelf service,Readers can browse and choose,Answer Readers'Consultation。

Opening Hours:Tuesday-----Thursday   morning:9:00-----Afternoon:5:00

          Friday-----Saturday   morning:9:00-----Afternoon:5:30

Sunday、Monday rest

Contact number:66561158—209

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