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German Information and German Self-study Center

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German Self-Study Center

The German Information and German Self-study Center was co-founded by the Xicheng District Library and the Beijing Branch of Goethe College.,to2002year10Month establishment。

The centre has an introduction to German politics.、Economics、German and English original books of all kinds such as culture821species、1848book,And textbooks on German learning、Practice、Examination and other related materials,There are also auditory tapes.、Videotape、German learning software, etc.,It provides a lot of information for readers to understand Germany.。If you have this requirement,As long as you apply for a network reader card of Beijing Public LibraryDlevel,You can enjoy the relevant information services we provide you.。

2003The Centre cooperated with Rhine Spring German School in 1997.,Weekly German Corner Events on the Second Floor of the Library,Accepted unanimous praise from self-taught German readers。

Opening Hours:Tuesday to Thursday afternoon200-night830

         Friday、Saturday、Sunday morning900To afternoon530

         Closed on Monday

Contact number:66561158or66561159turn102

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