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Personal Lending Department

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Personal lending is located in Xicheng District Library3layer,Is an important service window Department,Mainly for readers to provide books and periodicals borrowing circulation、Book an appointment、Book renewal、Reference and consultation services。Total area of personal lending Department1450Square meter,It is divided into library area and reading area.,Full Open-shelf Service of Borrowing and Reading in One,The layout of the library is based on literature、Philosophy and Social Science、natural science、Classification of Comprehensive Books,Use red for each、blue、Distinguishing Green Bookmarks,Full collection22Large class,common15Yu Wan Shu。The personal lending department also has a periodical lending area.,Common Periodicals500The rest for readers to borrow。The circulation of books and periodicals and other business work are all managed by computer,Opening hours per week66.5hour,Average readership2400Remaining time。

In order to provide readers with a more comfortable reading environment,The personal lending Department has also set up leisure reading areas in the reading area and the library area respectively.,Replace traditional reading desks and chairs with sofas,Let the reader feel at home。In order to facilitate the reading of the elderly and the readers with visual impairment,The department is also equipped with video aids.,It can help the reader enlarge the text in the book.,Make it easy for them to read。

In recent years,In addition to sticking to the original book reservation, the personal lending Department、Beyond the service of delivering books to the door and so on, which is highly praised by readers,Telephone renewal was also carried out according to actual needs.、New book recommendation and other services,These works are welcomed by readers.。

While doing a good job of service,The Personal Lending Department also attaches great importance to organizing this reader event.。Reader's Garden、A list of the most popular books among readers、Thematic book recommendation and other activities have formed a good foundation among readers.。in addition,This department also combines with social hot issues to carry out essay collection.、Lecture、Readers'seminars and questionnaires,Readers can not only learn more knowledge through such activities.,It also provides a stage for readers to show themselves.,More importantly, readers can better integrate into the library.,Expanding the Social Benefits of Our Library,Meanwhile, holding meaningful reader activities is also a way for libraries to publicize themselves.,A Way to Better Play the Function of Social Education。

Opening Hours:Monday afternoon2:00-night8:30

     Tuesday to Thursday morning9:00-night8:30

     Friday、Saturday、Sunday morning9:00-Afternoon5:30

Contact number:66561158or66561159turn301

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