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The road of extreme purity -- the third pole outdoor image Tour

CATE:Activities DATE:2019-11-12 READ:889

11month9day,from《National Geography of China》Magazine、Dangxiong County People's Government of Tibet Autonomous Region、Jointly sponsored by the first library of Xicheng District“Third pole outdoor imaging program”Theme tour officially opened in the hall on the first floor of the library,The exhibition lasts until11month21End of the day。


If you think of the height of the top of the troposphere as the height of the sky,So the distance between the north and south poles is about8000rice,The equator is about the distance from the sky16000rice,The Qinghai Tibet Plateau and the sky are only5000Meter distance,So to speak,The Qinghai Tibet Plateau is the closest place to the sky,It's the height of the earth,Outside the poles“Third pole”。Being male,Tibetan meaning“Sky Ranch”,Back to the Tibetan holy mountain, Nianqing Tanggula Mountain,Adjacent to the snow lake,Not only rich in natural resources,It also precipitated unique and rich cultural assets,It's the heart of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau,At the same time, it is also one of the landscapes that can not be ignored。The mountains here、water、Biology and civilization,Extremely high、Extremely cold、Extremely beautiful,At the same time, it has a lot of connotation。

Exhibition with“The roof of the world on earth”Theme,Divided into“The power of the roof of the world”and“Extremely clean Dangxiong” The two chapter,Through the lens of the masters of photography,Record the most authentic cultural Tibet and the most unique Tibetan scenery,Show to readers“The third pole of the earth”The majestic style of,Take you all on“Extremely clean road”,Feel the unique charm of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and the spiritual power of being a hero。

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