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Dai Li: the darkest man in the dark age

CATE:NewBooks DATE:2019-12-02 READ:538

Title:《Dai Li:The darkest man in the dark age》

author: Yang Fan

Press:Taihai Publishing House

Request number:I253/3568

content validity:This book is based on Dai Li's life,An objective and comprehensive account of Dai Li's ups and downs,It also reveals the mutual strife between various factions of the Kuomintang and the darkness of the Kuomintang politics、Corruption of the National Government。This book records many actions that Dai Li planned to change the fate of the times,He rescued Chiang Kai Shek、Assassinate Wang Jingwei、Blasting Wuhan City、Bribing Americans,Spy on the attack on Pearl Harbor。Dedicated to unveiling the mystery of Dai Li,Appreciate the thrill behind the times。

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