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A country full of stories -- Czech Republic

CATE:Lectures DATE:2019-12-22 READ:2828

1219,westThe first library in the city held“” 2019A lecture,、、Go to the library,“——”。

1976Annual advance,Ou Si、,。Lecture,The ambassador introduced the long history of the Czech Republic to the readers、。,genus,,as well asThere is a world famous composer, Dvorak、,、riceorchid•,《Handsome》《Rat story》。Gram's geographical resources are superior,、Cesky Krumlov 。,:The beginning of the founding of the state,,The Czech Republic is the first country to establish diplomatic relations with new China,stay“”Other fields,Important partners in central and Eastern Europe。,Ambassador Ma,ask,。


2019“Hand in officeShow you the world”,“Denmark”“”“”“Its ear”“”Other countries,To explain the customs of different countries、、、,Diplomatic activities and foreign policies in other countries,,books,。

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