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Tourism Reference Room

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The characteristic tourism reference room of Xicheng District Library was established1993Early year,It is one of the earliest libraries in the national prefecture-level libraries to carry out characteristic services.,Having Practical Tourism、Tourism theory、Leisure and Entertainment and Other Tourism Books、Atlas,And subscribe to journals reflecting the latest developments in tourism industry all over the country、data、Newspaper、Compact disc、Sound recording、Video tapes, etc. for readers to borrow、query。To strengthen contacts with the outside world,Sharing resources,Library successively and Korea Cultural News Office、Hong Kong Tourist Association、UK Tourist Bureau and other Beijing-based offices、Goethe College Beijing Branch and other units have established cooperative relations,Collect relevant tourism information regularly,Enriching Characteristic Collections。 

Tourism Reference Room of Xicheng District Library Currently Provides Tourism、humanity、Folklore-related books7000Yu Shu,CD data300Remaining species,And subscribe to it.70Magazine and20Kind of newspaper,And we have it.1964All the United States to this day《National Geographic》Magazine(English version),《outside》Magazine,original text《DISCOVERY》,Discovery VCD,Provides the good for the traveling enthusiast、Comfortable reading environment。

In recent years, we have also worked with some travel communities.,Provide free travel consultation service for tourists,Holding various lectures and activities on an irregular basis。

Opening Hours:Tuesday to Thursday morning9:00-Afternoon5:00

     Friday、Saturday、Sunday morning9:00-Afternoon5:30

Contact number:66561158/59-208

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