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A gift to the people of the world -- giant panda

CATE:Lectures DATE:2020-01-19 READ:2719

118,The sustainable development information center of Zhongrui, the first library in the urban area, ushered in2020“Li China,”Series of public welfare,Mr. Deng Jing, monitor of conservation education class of Beijing zoo science museum, leads readers to understand“——”。

,Tell everyone:2019150,Beijing2022“”Also with。The giant panda is named by science,Unique rare animals attract the attention of the whole world。,Where the giant panda goes, the whole country is always jubilant,70Panda Diplomacy,,,,There are many unsolved mysteries attracting zoologists all over the worldCurious eyes。,Division around“”“”“”“Amazing world”“Olympic National Treasure”“”“”。

After the lecture,。This lecture not only let readers know the living habits of giant pandas、,,Feel oneself。

LIFECooperation projects of international ecological foundation,Providing reader services in the field of development。,2020、,mainAround the protection of water resources、、Refuse classification、、Reuse and other aspects。


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