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Food etiquette and customs in Spring Festival

CATE:Lectures DATE:2020-01-19 READ:2915

,1month18“——Food etiquette and customs in the season”,,16groupTransforming folk knowledge。

,Engaged in traditional culture research for a long time,,《Three thousand years of language》,《》(Published by Higher Education Society),、National Music、、。


 ,Selected“”One of a series of courses,The readers presented a spring festival food ceremony and custom“”。Lecture 1,First of all, I have a chat with you“”“SovietShi and other ancient people”,Over explaining《》《》《Jing Meng Hua Lu》,Let everyone present。,Wu Lao“Take chopsticks”“”“”。


,“”Tea in、、Ming Xiang,I sent you the interesting Spring Festival couplets to express my wishes for the Spring Festival。:Attend the lecture,That is to say, good eating etiquette has been cultivated,,。

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