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China-Switzerland Sustainable Development Information Center

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in—Brief Introduction of Switzerland Sustainable Development Information Center

Sino-Sweden Information Center for Sustainable Development


in-Rui Sustainable Development Information Center is Beijing Xicheng District Library and SwedenLIFEInstitutional cultural cooperation projects,Providing services around the issues of ecological environment protection and sustainable development。The center is located on the west side of the first floor lobby of the library.。Currently in English、Swedish language、Books in Chinese and other languages、Newspapers and Online Audiovisual Materials600Surplus parts。Readers can access books, newspapers and periodicals provided by the centre.、broadband network、visualDVDVarious service means,Quick and convenient retrieval of borrowed materials,Keep abreast of environmental protection trends and sustainable development frontier information at home and abroad。

   The Centre conducts professional consultation on sustainable development and environmental protection to the public in various forms.、Theme Exhibition、Environmental training、Special lectures、Subject research and other services,Joint related agencies,Invite experts from home and abroad to guide the work of the center regularly,Organize readers and volunteers to participate in environmental public welfare activities。Its diversified service forms attract people from all walks of life.,Make the Center an Exchange of Experiences、Resource-sharing Hub and Sustainable Development Education、Innovative Service and Communication Base of Environmental Protection Culture。

Opening Hours:Tuesday—Thursday9:00-17:00


   Contact number:66561158/59-104

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