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Longevity embodies Virtue -- Interpretation of the painting of longevity in the Palace Museum

CATE:Lectures DATE:2020-12-16 READ:377

    1215day,“:”speak,The Palace Museum、Librarian Zhang Xiaowei。

    2020600,In the years,、queen、After experiencing and celebrating his birthday,“”。Qing Dynasty、,Once upon a time, we will live forever,《》。

    In the lecture,《》,Fan、Model、、、,《Longevity chart》Long history。,The old man who offered his birthday wore a belt“”,,Holding crutches,,,,It's a celebration、。And this scene is in the。,《ten thousandLongevity chart》(1721)To the 60th year of Qianlong(1795),,。


    :《》,It's the empress of the Qing DynastyAn indispensable part of longevity ceremony,,,The emperor and Empress of the Qing Dynasty gave preferential treatment to senior citizens、loving father , faithful son、。

    、、、The combination of history and Contemporary,、The auspicious scene and the etiquette system of celebrating birthday,,、build。


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