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Situ invites Shan Shiyuan

CATE:Lectures DATE:2021-01-10 READ:345

20201228day,600,、adviser、Shan Shiyuan, an archivist and paleoarchitectNvdan Jiayun,Using wechat public platform of library to explain to readers“”。

、,Chinese architectural culture、、,Fang is a masterpiece of ancient architecture,。

In the lecture,Mr. Shan Jiayun starts with the architectural features of the Forbidden City,、、Beijing Forbidden CityA comparison of the area of imperial palaces between the city and other countries in the world、,A more detailed interpretation of the Forbidden City Architectural Culture and Chinese traditional culture。

,,A summative masterpiece of palace architecture,、History of architectural development、。,Mobile cultural relicsEqual value。,,“Treasure”Of,,Understanding history,。speak,1992Year for《Palace Museum people's daily》:Love the Forbidden City,Socialist motherland,,Love the Chinese nation。

,,Get to know the reader、,,、,So as to play an important role of traditional culture in the construction of mainstream culture,。

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